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Hallo my friends.
I hope we have still members who like to play cod4, and by the way I like to play at own server where we have our own rules.
Yesterday I ask Duty if he can/want to start gameserver for his old clan The Janissaries, and today he did. I told him that we cant donate for this server and he accept.
Well our clan is not dead and I had always the same question last year " What happend with Jssy " we are still online!!


I hope this server stay long time online and I hope we have fun like earlier.


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It has become a bit quiet at our Clan. I want to apologize for my absence, I'm too busy with Family and Job .... I thought the other Members/Managers try to lead our Clan, except the Clan admins who make it already for years. Maybe someone of you has an idea what we can do to continue to be a clan. Our Clan has been almost four years online, I hope that we have active members, which carry on our Clan also in the Future.


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Many of you know who i am xD

Soo im gonna be direct. I know you dont have TS only for JssY at this moment, soo im here to give you that, a TeamSpeak server with 32 slots online 24h/day when you can use and abuse xD

Im gonna give you the IP, the password its gonna send for Private Message for all want that.

You can see me in X-fire with nick name: "pipo9389", you can add me and ask me about Pass because im not gonna put Pass here because this is a public forum.

I wich the best regards for all, greetings, Pipo

TeamSpeak ID:
Password: jssy

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From nEo

Hi mates, Bros, fiends and ... all !!! first of all I want to say sorry for this time offline. At this moment I'm not able to be online. But I want you all know, I' ve been missing being to be part of this whole. I know Jssy is having handycaps, and I'm sorry for being absent these times.

So, just wanted you know I consider member of this clan yet, if you think like this, of course.

Greetings for ATA, Hawk... and... all good friends...!!!!!!


* Sry if this one is no the right place to write this notice
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Greetings, my dear clan,

I can happily tell you that our new servers are online:     [JssY]CRACKED LAWLESS HC TDM www.janissaries.ucoz.com     [JssY]24/7 Crossfire Cracked www.janissaries.ucoz.com     [JssY]CRACKED iSnipe www.janissaries.ucoz.com

(thanks to Hawkeye for copy-pasting that because I'm one lazy ass)

Tell your friends and relatives about them, we'd like to see you playing there!
Everyone who's already a member for a certain time (see clan rules herefor) can ask us about a RCON-console.
We're working on a console but so far we can't tell when it'll be ready.
Here, I'd also like to thank LBi Sensei for constantly helping us. :)

In other news:

The Janissaries are now three years young!

Thanks to everyone who joined us and will hopefully stay as long as possible and thus keep us alive. 

Everybody, have a nice day, evening or night!

The Janissaries-Administration - Goda, the clan mascot
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Wanted to give you guys a Quick update concernig the Server. Ian managed to get a european Server for us. We now can Come up with cod4 Server and have a decent ping for you guys.
It will probably take some days from now on but after the server is online we will need YOUR help to make it big again! It will be your task to spread the word, be online and make people Come and return to our servers. I hope we can count you in on this!

Big thanks go out to Ian for making the Server possible and to Sensei aka Hendrik who really is helping us out a lot with his knowledge about root servers. You guys are awesome!
Also we got a new Teamspeak 3 server. IP is Feel free to check it out!

Janissary TeamSpeak Viewer
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|Hello everyone,

I wanted to inform you about a lot of changes coming up for the JssY clan.

Starting with some information on what makes those changes necessary. We lately had a lot of trouble with one of our members and server admins: Sanja. Without going further into this conflict I want to state out that the result of that dispute was him leaving the JssY clan. If you are interested in how this all came to happen pls press here. Due to the fact that Duty has been experiencing a lot of support from Sanja he decided to back away from JssY as well and follow Sanja.

This news is not here to judge on any decision that was made the past couple of days. I'd rather like to inform you about our plans for the future from now on:

The remaining admins had a talk about it  and we think it's best to implement you into our decision of where the clan will head from now on as we have several options we might be able to choose from.

First things first: It's pretty certain that the CoD4 servers and the Teamspeak servers won't be available for us anymore in the near future. Though we can't be sure of what happens next the root server on which the CoD4 servers and the Teamspeak were running belonged - as you might know - to Duty. Since he is no longer part of JssY I am guessing that there is no point in supporting us with his root anymore. Though I can't tell you exactly when the servers might be offline or belong to another clan I here want to inform you that we got at least a Teamspeak 3 alternative for you guys to connect to in case the TS3 will be unavailable:

It's the teamspeak of LBi. You might actually know their leader LBi|Sensei as he joined us in several group chats including facebook.

We have had a lot of times in which we didn't actually owned any root or CoD servers. Since that is not a new situation we decided to - of course - carry on as a clan and a gaming community.

We want to invite you to play on several CoD4 servers of other befriended clans as JssY member. Some examples would be:

The servers of the Killing4Fun CoD4 clan:



I am pretty sure that some people might actually not like to stay with us as long as we can't provide any gaming servers. You might feel free to leave. Also we won't be mad at those persons for doing so.

To the future plans for "The Janissaries":

Concerning the future we made up our minds and came up with a lot of ideas of what the future of Janissaries might look like.

First: It is possible to keep the Janissaries as a pure gaming community, shifting the attention a little bit away from Call of Duty 4 servers and making it possible to come together and play whatever games you want to (still including CoD4 of course).

Second: We could try and make an effort to come up with an own root server. This includes costs and might actually not work out without your support. The admins are willing to provide some money, too, but we all agree with the fact that JssY and CoD4 is a hobby. And with that we won`t be able to bring up the money needed to keep a root server running for a long period of time.

So: Now it is up to you. Please tell us your opinion on what you think is the best way to go in the forum (http://janissaries.ucoz.com/forum/11-215-1). You might even have another idea on how JssY should develop. Feel free to leave suggestions and ideas. I'm looking forward to discuss the next steps with you.

With that I will leave you guys - has been enough to read anyways. :p


Hawkeye & the admin team.

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